Latest Project

Water Energy Food Nexus Systems

The Drop Access organization trains farmers on smart agricultural methods like irrigating dry lands, which helps them to increase their production. The organization also prepares farmers with the necessary tools for successful extraction of information from sensors and prepares them for upcoming technology innovation in the sector.

KOYO- Cooling for farmers

A solar fridge is an effective tool to improve food safety, prevent food waste and reduce post harvest loss. The Koyo solar fridges are designed to bring down the cost of power, increase yield and ensure food safety. Drop Access supplies Koyo solar fridges to small-scale farmers in developing countries to curb post harvest loss.

Cooling for healthcare - VacciBox

With access to vaccines and medicines often unavailable at health centers in rural areas, the need for portable solar fridges is essential. Drop Access supplies vaccibox at an affordable price to marginalized health centers in Kenya. To ensure affordable access to vaccines and treatment, we are teaming up with partners and financiers to drive development of Drop Access supply programs. Through this partnership, we provide Vaccibox at subsidized costs to help more people have access to life saving vaccines in rural communities.

Clean Cooking

Drop Access teams up with manufacturers, suppliers, retailers and financiers of clean cookstoves to enable widespread and swift access to clean cooking for rural women and households.

Capacity building for women and youth

We train rural women on how to use renewable technologies such as solar pumps, solar fridges, and clean cookstoves. We also train youth to be repair technicians of solar technologies.

Go green! Save the Future

Among our initiatives as Drop Access is to safeguard the ecosystem and restore it. Trees act as natural carbon sinks and as long as they survive, we are sure of added aesthetics to our environment and aid in mitigating climate change. Drop Access team understands that we cannot work single-handedly and therefore the need to create environmental awareness and ecosystem restoration through tree planting by involving rural communities. We believe in implementing climate action in Kenya and we look forward to making a difference for a sustainable future, even as we support health matters for communities through our work. Remember, each ring on a tree marks another year where the difference was made.