Improving agriculture

The Drop Access organization trains farmers on smart agricultural methods like irrigating dry lands, which helps them to increase their production. The organization also prepares farmers with the necessary tools for successful extraction of information from sensors and prepare them for upcoming technology innovation in the sector.


A portable solar fridge is an effective tool to improve food safety, prevent food waste and reduce post harvest loss. The Koyo solar fridges are designed to bring down the cost of power, increase yield and ensure food safety. Drop Access supplies Koyo solar fridges to small-scale farmers in developing countries to curb post harvest loss

Improving the health care systems in rural communities

With access to vaccines and lab tests often unavailable at health centres in rural areas, the need for portable solar fridges is essential. Drop Access supplies vaccibox at an affordable price to marginalized health centers in Kenya.

To ensure affordable access to vaccines and treatment, we are teaming up with local microfinance institutions (MFIs) to drive development of drop access supply programs. Through this partnership, we will provide low interest loans to buy vaccibox equipment at low prices so you can help even more people have access to life saving vaccines.

Providing access to energy to marginalized communities

Provide training on how to build a solar powered system using locally available materials and components.


Provide technical support for installing solar power systems in schools, clinics, community centers, churches, mosques and other public buildings as well as private houses.


Provide technical support for installing solar power systems on vehicles used in agriculture production and other uses such as cooking stoves that do not require electricity or fuel.