VacciBox, a portable solar fridge that can be mounted on a motorbike, bicycle, or boat, to safely store and transport vaccines, drugs, and blood for transfusion to remote, hard to reach and off-grid rural communities. The solution is also IoT-enabled; integrated with a communication and digital component that collects data in real-time and stores it on a cloud. This ensures that vaccines are kept in the best storage conditions and can also be traced, to promote effective healthcare programs in rural communities

Pilot 1- Usungu Dispensary

The level 2 healthcare Facility is located in Kibwezi West Sub-County, Makueni County. It is completely off-grid and located 22km away from the nearest electricity grid. Before VacciBox, The facility transported vaccines twice a week from Makindu Sub County Hospitals and returned leftovers at the end of the day or when ice-packs begin to melt. Now they can stock over 1000 vaccines on-site and immunization has increased by 45%.

Pilot 2- Merrueshi Village Health Centre

This level 2 health centre is located in Maasai Simba Camp/Conservancy. The main activities are maternity and newborn care. The facility conducts Vaccinations once a week but they can only stock a limited amount of child based vaccines since the facility uses a soda fridge to store vaccines. It is connected to a weak electricity grid and has a backup generator that incurs the management high electricity costs every month. Because of the remoteness and hard-to-reach nature of the homes, the healthcare workers conduct frequent field vaccinations. Before VacciBox, they used an icebox to transport vaccines and always incurred vaccine loss and wastage during field vaccination days due to insufficient cooling from ice packs. With VacciBox, they can now safely and comfortably transport vaccines to the immunization grounds without the worry of spoilage.

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